Control MIDI Insert Velocity with external fader

I am trying to setup a fader (on a stream deck) to control the velocity box at the top of the key editor window.
There are shortcuts which send set velocity values, however I wish to control with a fader (variable).
This can be a great time saver when select all etc can be incorporated into a macro on stream deck.
Using CTRL SHIFT and mouse movement this is possible. Is there a way to do this using a fader instead.

Do you mean a button or a fader? I don’t have a Streamdeck, but I thought it was buttons only.

Have you tried binding the Streamdeck controls to the commands Insert Velocity?

Yes I have done that, however Stream Deck can also be used as faders.
I am trying to set a variable velocity.
Is it possible to have a quick control linked to velocity value ? I have tried and failed.
Is there a way to send midi control to the velocity value ?
As an example through midi control I have an excellent fader setup for click volume.