Control multiple VSTs quick control from one midi channel

Hey guys,

I saw in one video that it’s possible to create one MIDI channel and then send it to multiple instruments channel and then, when I control one Quick control from my external MIDI controller it’s only affecting the instrument that the focus is on at the moment in the VSTi rack.

For example, I have one Nexus channel and I set my first quick control to map the filter cutoff and it works.
I have another instrument channel, this time Spire, and again I set my first quick control to map the filter cutoff and it works.

Now my wish is that in one time, when I tweak the connected knob on my midi controller both instrument’s cutoffs will change together.

For that I followed a video says the solution is to a MIDI channel and go to MIDI sends and send it to the instrument channels I want. Then when I play with knob on the midi channel. it affects both instruments. Well it works perfect in the video, but it doesn’t work for me. It seems like only the instrument that has the focus in the VSTi rack is being affected.

Does anybody knows this techniqe and how to that properly? maybe I miss something in the configuration?

amitbaz, I am asking the same exact question which no one has answered for you I see. Do you remember what video you originally saw that in…