Control of braces outside brackets

Here’s my quandary:

I need to move the marimba brace further to the left. There’s an option, but that’s only when using braces as sub-brackets… which I don’t want, as you can see in the violins.

Is there another way to adjust the marimba brace?

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No, at the moment, there isn’t. Dorico thinks of a brace and the bracket as being both “primary” brackets, i.e. occupying the same horizontal space closest to the systemic barline.

Well, I hope this will be addressed at some point, as there are situations where I will definitely need to use a brace in the same way as Dan is trying to do here.

Really? You want to use a brace as a secondary bracket, but not at the level of a sub-bracket? I’d be curious to know more about this requirement, Len.

Presumably, that’s a manual bracket over the entire group, Dan? I can’t replicate it otherwise. Are you copying an existing score? I’m not convinced the big bracket is usual or necessary; though styles vary.

Yes, it’s manual. I want to bracket the entire percussion section, but I also need the marimba brace. It’s not breaking any rules that I know of, and it makes sense to me.


Yes – other 2-staff instruments such as Piano and Harp are not usually bracketed with percussion, but Marimba certainly is.

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Daniel, perhaps I don’t understand the difference between a secondary bracket and a sub-bracket. There are scores I copy where the 1st and 2nd violins have a brace for their two staves but all the strings are bracketed together, and I want to replicate that. I don’t want it to look like Dan’s example, where the brace is at the same horizontal position as the main bracket. I haven’t tried to set this up yet, just looking ahead, so perhaps my concern is beside the point. Perhaps there won’t be a problem.

@L3B There is an option for that in Layout Options > Brackets and Braces.

Edit: Dan wanted the sub-bracket for the violins but the brace for the marimba. The option would use a brace for both.

That’s the default behaviour. (Or if not default, easy enough with appropriate Options.) The problem here is that the Marimba on a grand stave is one instrument, not two grouped with a sub-bracket.