Control of individual staff size

In an opera arrangement, in the conductor’s score layout, I’d like to be able to reduce the size of the instrumentalists’ staves but not those of the piano part nor the singers’ staves. If I have to do this for each staff individually, as well as for each flow, that’ll take a really long time! Perhaps I’m missing something but if that’s the only way to do this, I’d like to suggest a feature to change the size of the staves of individual players globally.

It does seem that only the top staff of a selection is scaled.

Would a script help?

You could think of it inversely; instead of reducing the size of the orchestra, augmenting the staff size of the singers and piano.
I know this doesn’t solve the “per flow” issue, but at least it reduces the work.

A script would certainly help, although one still has to wait until Dorico has recalculated everything after each resizing and again for each flow.

Unfortunately, there are just as many singers as instrumental parts, so it’s six of one, half a dozen of another…