Control of presentation software via VST Live

For my live performances I use MS Powerpoint for visual support.
So far I have controlled the slide progression via MIDI and the software tool “Central Control”.

I would immediately switch to VST Live if this function was included there (e.g. in the form of a presentation track).

Don’t know how Central Control works but if it works by sending MIDI commands to it then you technically could do this in VST Live.

HOWEVER, you need to create, edit and export MIDI in any other DAW, then import into VST Live. Which means that if you imported and notice there’s something you need to tweak, you have to go back to your DAW, make the edit, export, import all over again.

Totally defeats the purpose for MIDI tracks to begin with. I’d suggest you wait til they bring it up to a mature level.

You can record and playback anything and adjust clips, plus im/export, all of which definately ecxeeds the purpose of a backing track player.

Interesting. VST Live features the “Notes” Module which could be automated that way. In any case you can already record and play back commands for your function on MIDI Tracks.


First of all, thank you for the comments so far.

I should explain my feature request in a bit more detail :wink:
During my performances, I play a series of pieces live one after the other, while playing backing tracks pre-produced with Cubase run at the same time. In addition to simple lighting effects, the performance is visually supported by a Powerpoint show.

So far, as I said, I’ve used MIDI commands that are sent synchronously to the music by Cubase or Cubasis and route them to the Central Control software. This software generates commands from the MIDI commands that cause the Powerpoint slides to switch.
Since there is a large number of slides in the ppt file, coding the slide changes using MIDI commands and decoding them in a Central Control table is relatively time-consuming.

Central Control - MIDI Mapping, Show Control and Integration software

It would help me a lot if there was a “Presentation” track type in VST Live, in which I could enter the slide changes directly (as slide numbers) - similar to marker tracks, and if VST Live sent the control commands to PowerPoint directly (without detours via a additional tool like Central Control).

My guess is that you’ll never be able to avoid some mapping to PowerPoint. But it may perhaps be simpler to do it via DMX commands from VST Live.

Maybe Layer PGM chg etc. and/or controller mapping could help. While that is not much different from programming this in Cubase, VST Live may be a more compact solution.

It is clear to me that I can switch Powerpoint slides in VST Live in a similar way to Cubase using a corresponding MIDI track and the Central Control software.
I’d like to avoid the detour (and time-consuming mapping) and have it integrated directly into VST Live.
But it seems that the direct sendig of Powerpoint commands from VST Live is a very exotic wish on my part :wink:

afraid so :slight_smile:
But we may add a (remote controllable) page flip for the Notes Module, and perhaps Lyrics and Chords, so one can use a footswitch or MIDI ccs.

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