Control plugin enable with Morningstar MC6 Pro

I’ve created a MIDI remote for my Morningstar MC6 Pro and setup basic transport controls to 3 foot switches, which are Cubase keystroke messages and they all work fine. However, I’m completely lost on how to enable or bypass an insert plugin. My example use case is to enable and disable Antares Vocal Harmonizer on certain passages with my foot when playing live. The Quick Control feature is enabled on the particular plugin I am targeting, (I set it to Master Bypass on QC 1) and a focus Quick Control was assigned in the mapping assistant, but it doesn’t do anything. I’m almost certain the issue is due to the fact I’m not sure what message type to assign the switch (preset) within the Morningstar MIDI Editor. Do I instead need to create a macro or perhaps set this up as a CC?

I would try sending a CC from your controller. A 0 for Off and 127 for On.

Keep in mind if you’re using Focus QC the plugin has to be open and in focus on your screen unless you enable the QC lock.
Another solution could be to use Selected Channel in MIDI Remote.

Thanks, I believe I tried that and it didn’t work, but it was definitely something I was doing wrong.

I did however find a temporary solution. I created a new keystroke command, which toggles the bypass of all inputs on the selected track. It’s not ideal, but works for the time being.

I definitely need to learn more MIDI basics to get things to function as desired. Need to make sure I know what MIDI ports to set up, differences between PC, CC and knowing how to choose what values to program. So far I’ve only been successful getting Cubase to accept keystrokes from the MC6 Pro … and for some reason Cubase keeps losing the script I create within MIDI remote. Which causes me to have to start from scratch again.