Control Point Handles in Slurs & Ties

I was wondering if some change in programming would be desirable regarding the Control Point Handles in Slurs and ties. In certain cases, such as on short length slurs or ties that occur frequently at the start of a new system, adjusting the Bézier curves by moving the control point handles (boxes) are problematic. For one thing, the boxes zoom according to the zoom level, and get comparatively huge, making adjustments hard to see. And in the case of short slurs or ties, they get clumped on top of another or very close to another. They basically obliterate the adjustment point of the slur or tie, which is what we need to see. Perhaps the boxes could disappear during the actual movement and reappear when movement has stopped. Thanks for considering this.
Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.20.43 AM.png


I hate to mention other software, but if Dorico’s slur adjustment points worked like Finale’s, that would suit me just fine. That along with the present availability of flat slurs would make Dorico unbeatable. For me, this is one thing preventing my use of Dorico for production work.

Are there any Properties to numerically adjust the middle control points of a slur?

As Daniel pointed out in another thread, alt-clicking slurs makes everything easier when moving them. You can navigate through the points with tab key. Hope it helps…

Marc, I know you were responding to Derrek, but my point is that the handles obscure the view of the slur or tie during the editing process - especially when the size of the slur or tie is small. And sadly, zooming in does not help. Imagine a surgeon performing a delicate procedure with multiple items blocking his/her view. That’s what it feels like to me. I feel like once the correct control point has been selected, its presence is not wanted nor needed (“I’ve already navigated there”). :wink:

Dear musicmaven,
I have nothing to add, because I totally agree with you!

Our planned solution for this problem is to have fix sized handles, i.e. the handle size wouldn’t change when you zoom in/out. That would mean the further you zoom in, the handles would be less in the way. I can’t tell at the moment however when it will be implemented.

On a related note: I think signposts also don’t need to be enlarged while zooming in. In a recent project I zoomed in to nudge an ornament that was obscured by a signpost. Zooming in didn’t help, since the signpost itself got way bigger as well. Of course this is a very minor issue, as we can hide signposts in general, but still…

András, this is great to hear. Thanks!

Adding my “thumbs up” to the solution András mentioned. Zooming in on slurs ought to increase our level of detail control and having the handles NOT zoom would be exactly the right solution. Looking forward to this implementation!