Control project tempo with ext. midi controller

hello ,
is it possible to control the project tempo with an external midi controller . As an example could you use a foot pedal to increase the tempo or slow it down , in real time , so if you were using cubase live , playing groove agent one patterns at say 120 bpm , then slowing stepping on the pedal to reduce the tempo ,so you can play another song staright away with a diffrent tempo , or for slowing a song down in the middle while playing along on the guitar ? .

cheer for your time !!


I can check it tomorrow. Probably, it is possible to control tempo by using Generic Remote Device. But I can’t imagine, it will be controlled way, you wrote. I can imagine, you can control it by knob or fader, and increase/decrease level.


I check it again. As I wrote, you can set this in the Device Setup > Generic Remote. In the lower table, you will set:
Fader 1 ::: Transport ::: Device ::: tempo

Hi there,

I’m on Cubase Artist 7, and following your steps to set up the midi:

Fader 1 ::: Transport ::: Device ::: tempo

However, tempo doesn’t exist? It’s a bit confusing. It has loads of other transport-related options in there, but tempo isn’t.

Any ideas?


You are right, there is no “Tempo” in the list in the Cubase 7 and Cubase 7 Artist. It should be above the “signature” item. I’m sending you list from the Cubase 6.

I will report this, as a bug.
Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 20.54.41.png

Ah great, thanks. It’s good to know i’m not going crazy! Is there someone I should get in contact with as well?

Try this.

Anyone else is missing the ability to control the tempo from a generic remote?
Are there any workarounds?
Will Steinberg bring it back?

This feature request had been posted many times for years already.