Control Room and SuperVision

When using SuperVision in either the 7th or 8th slot of the Inserts section within the Control Room, it appears that the analysis becomes dependent on the Control Room volume, whereas if Super Vision is on any slot between 1 through 6, the analysis is based on the master volume. By the way, I found this isn’t just isolated to SuperVision, but any plug-in analyzer that I put in the 7th or 8th slot. Is this a bug or is it designed to work this way?

By design probably. Some inserts can be pre-fader some post.

@MattiasNYC I don’t believe that there is a pre/post fader option in the control room itself. I am specifically referring to the insert section in the Control Room.

Yes I know what you’re talking about. In earlier versions of Cubase/Nuendo there were 8 inserts and 7-8 were post-fader, and then at some point more insert slots were added along with the option of changing where the post-inserts started… iirc

So I’m guessing that the regular mixer inserts got that extended functionality but control room inserts remained as before, with 7-8 being post fader.

Ok, if that is indeed true, it would be helpful if Cubase designated the post-control room volume slots in the same fashion as in the mixing console for inserts. I’ve been using analyzers in those slots for quite sometime wandering why the metering wasn’t consistent with other analyzers. Very weird convention they have in place.

Well that used to be the case but now that doesn’t make much sense probably since the pre-/post- position can change anyway.

My personal opinion on this though is that the best place to put a critical meter is on the output of whatever you’re delivering. So if you’re delivering a mix out of a master output then the last place there is where you should be measuring - not in the monitoring chain.

I don’t follow you in regards to the pre-/post-position can change, being that there is no marking whatsoever that identifies slot 7 and 8 as post-control room volume. To be honest, in my opinion, that’s a bit weird anyways. What would be the point of even having a post-control room volume insert. I partly agree with you on placing metering directly on the master output, but personal opinions aside, this appears to be a misleading issue in either the design, or simply a bug. The intent of Control Room inserts should be clearly defined. It makes it easier down the line for users such as myself to make decisions in how to effectively use and set up the DAW to our own liking and purpose.

You have the option to move it in the regular mixer. You wrote that you thought it should be in the same fashion as in the mixing console and since you can change it in the mixer but not in CR it wouldn’t make sense - unless of course you let the user change the location in CR as well.

I’m sure we could come up with some use case. For example if it’s important to monitor the output of the monitoring chain separately from the mix master output. Say if you want to make sure your monitoring output levels are a certain way which would rely on the CR playback level.

But yes, I suppose maybe it could be clearer.

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After clearing out all of the plug-ins that I had in the control room, I now clearly see that the slots are marked post/pre when you hover the mouse over them :astonished: :exploding_head:. I’ve had those slots filled for quite sometime in a starting point template, therefore the oversight on my part, SMH, sheesh.

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Btw, if you hover the mouse over an empty insert slot in CR it indicates if it is pre or post.

EDIT: didn’t read the last post…