Control Room comfort FX

I have been searching for this but I am not finding anything and if I am I am not reading it right haha.

I have been monitoring through Totalmix (none FX) version and when I am tracking vocals the signal comes in dry and when I play back my reverbs/delays are there. I only track like this because having to constantly turn on/off the monitor button in Nuendo while tracking is a pain haha. Would I still have to turn on/off the monitor button in the control room when tracking? can I setup a FX bus and route it to a different output and somehow route that in Totalmix to use? any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

My Setup:
Nuendo 6.5 (I only use Nuendo cause I got it real cheap)
RME HDSPE w/ Totalmix

Hi and welcome,

Yes of course, you can. In the VST Connections > Outputs, Add Stereo Bus. Route it to the 2nd output. Add a FX Channel. Use the Sends to send the signal to this FX. Then set the Output of the Send to the 2nd Stereo Out Bus.

In the Total Mix, route the 2nd Playback Output to the Analog Out 3-4.