Control room config

Hi there. I am new to the community. I just bought the UR44c with Cubase Ai included.

First problem I encounter because it’s the first thing I wanted to do, I don’t have the ‘‘studio’’ option in the control room. All I can do is configure inputs and outputs, but I don’t have the headset option. How do I access it?

I’m looking to send what I’m mixing into two different outputs, one with an EQ on it for my monitors, and the other for headphones (no EQ).

Thanks in advance!


After some research…obviously it’s not included in the Ai version. Only Pro… So I tried this:

-Track 1 Out to Group 1.
-Group 1 Send FX 1 to an FX Channel that I created.
-My Channel FX Out to Stereo 2.

Nothing goes to my Channel FX. As if you couldn’t send a Group to an FX Channel. When I send Track 1 to the FX channel, it works. Is this another limitation of SUPER Ai version?

I bought the UR44c because it came with Cubase, but if that’s the case, I’m returning everything. I thought I was saving money, but I realize that I would have to pay 750CAD more to have a setup that works normally.

Please enlighten me before I return my card and change it to a Scarlet.

Thanks again,


I can’t imagine that you can’t send to an FX track from a group in AI, but as I don’t own it, I cannot say for sure. Still, it would be weird…
You probably have found the Cubase editions comparison page?

AI is definitely limited, like all those DAW versions that you get “for free” with an interface. You do get some cheaper upgrade prices though.