Control Room Cubase 12 Pro - Focusrite Clarett+ 4Pre

Okay, so I’ve struggled with this ever since I started using Cubase 11 Pro to Cubase 12 Pro it’s cause me so many headaches.

My Equipment:

Windows 11 Laptop (current updates)
Cubase 12 Pro (version 12.0.10)
MODX 8 (DI’d to Inputs 5-6 on Focusrite)
Focusrite Clarett+ 4Pre (Current updates)
Pair Yamaha HS8’s (Output 1-2 monitors FR)
Sonarworks SoundID Reference (Ver. 5.2.2)

My main goal is to fully utilise Cubase 12 Pro control room with the following:

Add Sonarworks to Engineer headphone mix (headphone output 1) in control room so that when I mix down I don’t have to disable it (currently it has no affect when I add it) also control headphone volume via green control knob in control room. Using the volume knob in headphones does nothing I’m getting a signal because I can see the level inputs when I enable monitor on the other part of control room.

Also do the same with my HS8’s add the speaker Sonarworks profile just to the HS8’s and obviously listen to DAW output plus MODX output once track and when Cubase shut down like when I’m just playing MODX and not recording or using Cubase.

Obviously Sonarworks profiles for use only in Cubase normal stereo modx when noodling and PC switch off so I can hear it live as I play. I hope this is making sense.

I would also like 1 Cue track setup so l can then control it via control room and the channel strip to send what I’d like to headphones output 2 on focusrite interface.

It all sounds simple in my head but difficult to explain lol.

In a nutshell:

Soundworks profile for headphone output 1 in CB 12 Pro control room without need to disable on mixdown / export control headphone 1 volume via knob in CB control room the green one I see it as.

Soundworks profile for HS8’s monitors on monitor output 1-2 on focusrite CB 12 Pro control room without need to disable on mixdown. Control HS8’s volume via CB control room know the red one I see.

Cue 1 mix to send headphones 2 output on focusrite I can choose mix to send via track strips and CB 12 Pro control room

Ability to use and hear MODX with or without computer currently plugged into inputs 5-6 on focusrite and also able to record inputs 5-6 in Cubase when needed (I’ve set this up as add external instrument in CB12 Pro) which works great.

Being able to keep analog inputs on front 1 to 4 for guitar, bass and two mics.

Thank you to anyone who can help with this, I’m completely lost :disappointed:




None of the Control Room Inserts is printed to the exhorted file. So if you put Sonaworks plug-in to the Control Room bus, it will not affect the export.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately the Sonarworks plug-in don’t work when I put it in to control room. Almost like it’s not connected to anything

You’re possibly inserting them in the wrong section. Click the arrows to reveal monitor output inserts. I had the exact same problem myself til someone on this forum helped me.

Hey Steve,

I’m absolutely sure I have them in the correct place. I’ve used Focusrite Control to create a daw output to the headphone out 2 and that seems to work. But I think I need assistance in making the connections as above from focusrite to CB control room. I’ve also sent an email to Focusrite and see what they say.

Have you got two outputs going to the same place? I have an RME interface but I was getting the same same signal twice. I had to change things in TotalMix which is a bit like the focusrite control panel. I don’t have sonarworks but I have corrective eq in the control panel for headphones and monitors and it works fine,

Hi all,

A support guy from Focusrite connected to my computer and got everything sorted so big thank you to Andy Nash & Greg Ondo.

There is now an updated version of the Focusrite Control for Clarett+ interfaces.