Control Room gets reset on projects randomly

Sometimes when I open a project, the outputs are “Not connected” though I haven’t changed the connections. I have to manually wire them to the corresponding outputs and enable Control Room.

Is this a bug? How to solve it? This is in C7.5.4.

Also on 7.5.40, a similar thing happens to me, I need to use the Studio output dropdown menu to select the correct configuration when I open a project and hear no sound. I can’t say for sure away from my DAW whether the project woke up “not connected” like yours, but certainly the outputs were reset to something other than where I left them.

It’s happened so often that it is an automatic reflex for me to go there to un-reset them, I almost don’t even think of it as a bug anymore, just one of many routine steps needed to open projects!

Still happening in 9.5.3