Control Room GUI Question

Do we now have to choose, whether we want to see control room functions or level metering?

In old control room, I had access to all cr-functions (like monitor sources which I switch all the time) plus level metering (which is essential for a control room imo) on a same sized window.

For me this does not seem like an improvement, or do I miss sth? Can I extend the control room view anywhere?

(Same for edit-channel-window: I have to choose whether I want to access send-levels or send-panorama? Before I had all those information on a same window size??)

I was thinking the exact same thing. I initially find myself doing A LOT more clicking to achieve what I achieved before with the old Control Room mixer. I like the features of it, I think they’re excellent, but to me the Control Room mixer is just that, a MIXER, and there’s a reason why mixers look the way they do. The regular mixer hasn’t changed and it fulfills the same functions as the Control Room mixer; takes incoming signals and routes them to other places.

I think the thing that will make it ok for me regardless is that I might set up KCs for the section anyway. So I’ll have a few setups available with the touch of a button and that’ll take care of it. But in a sense it seems like one step back, I agree.

I think if you hit a modifier key all the various tabbed options stay expanded so you can see everything like before.



Just hitting the ctrl key does nothing. Clicking a tab while holding ctrl does “expand” either, just switch to that tab…

No, I get that. I thought we were talking about the “tabbed” information. In other words we can either look at “Control Room” OR we can look at “Meter”, but not both. This means that if we want to switch monitor source or output we have to switch from the meter view to get to those functions, or use a key command (assuming that’s possible).

This is exactly part of what I never understood about redesigning CR. All mixers have a type of design that works for a good reason. You want to add a new pane? Fine, but don’t get rid of what has been working for a really long time without complaints.

The old GUI was intuitive and easy to use because it looked like the mixer. Wasn’t broken.

That’s the point!

It’s concerning the complete mixer look imo.

I have a 1050 lines screen-resolution for my mixer, and in N3-N5 I had

  • the mixer (with extended view + I/O-bar),
  • the complete control room with meter and control buttons,
  • the automation panel (which unfortunately is indispensable cause it’s the only area where you can get visible feedback concerning preview und punch-mode, although it’s much to oversized for this),
  • and the transport bar
    on this screen.

Extended area of mixer could simply be switched via shortcut (mcu in my case), so: absolutely comfortable to get quick access to all mixer functions.

There’s only the mixer with it’s flattened control room which is fitting on the screen. Not enough space for automation panel. And the mixer-rack-views cannot be switched via common controller. So I’m clicking with mouse on different tabs…

+1. The new CR design is a big step backwards in UI/UX here.

If we compare the CR section to the automation panel I’m willing to bet more people access the automation panel while in the mixer window. It’s kind’a the main reason we’re in the mixing window; to mix, which affects automation.

A bit strange then to me to choose to integrate the lesser used of the two into a side panel, while at the same time not giving it the space it clearly needs (in other words; the automation panel takes up roughly the amount of space the CR is now given, whereas the CR apparently takes up roughly twice the size seeing it has multiple tabs).

McKayla is not impressed.

Other than that I have to say I’m really liking the mix window. I’m about to get into window layouts tonight and assuming I can get from one setup to another quickly using key commands I’ll be a huge fan of the mixer (while still hatin’ on the CR).

FWIW, I am with you guys 100% on the new CR look - it has made my life much more, well - clicky. It seems that functionality that was right there in the open before is now hidden away and it has reduced what was instantly available in plain sight to something very strange.
I also do not like the new horizontal faders either - the whole thing looks very ill thought out and I also far prefer the look of the old CR - that at least looked like an extension of the mixer.
The new one I can have meters, or loudness, or inserts view but not all at once - unless I use plugins, which to me defeats the point.

I do prefer the new meters though, absolutely no doubt about that - they are far better than the old Peak meters. I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I get the feeling the new MixConsole is still very much a work in progress. There are issues, but there is also a lot of stuff to really like.

You can open a second CR-Mixer window in StudioTab (F4).
So I dragged that next to mixer-window, each with different views. At least a workaround, although not very stylish.

You’re saying we’d have another instance of the CR-“pane” inside another mixer window, right? So we’d have maybe the meter tab selected in one mixer and the other tab selected in the other window, or?

Not really much of a workaround in my opinion but thanks for the thought.


You don’t have to open another mixer window with a CR pane, just open the control room section freely from the device section.