Control Room Inserts Missing In Mixer View

Hi, I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong, but I have set up a number of inserts in the control room section when in the project screen, but when I am in the mixer screen and I click on the insert section on the control room they do not appear, in fact no insert slots are there, but if I go back to the project screen they are there.

Am I going crazy? am I doing something wrong? or is it a bug?

Any help greatly appreciated.

You are probably doing something wrong. Screenshots…?


It works to me here as expected. Do you check the same bus? Could you attach a screenshot (Project/MixConsole window side-by-side), please?

if I understand you correctly be aware that the mixer view (mixer that pops up when pressing F3) is for each project. if you add inserts to the control room they will be present for every project if you close down Cubase with them loaded. like if you put a limiter on a talkback mic bus or use sonarworks on the output bus in the control room they will be present there for all the projects. This is very handy imo as tasks like this would most the times be the same every time. Control room inserts are not shown in the regular mixer, but they will show up in the insert slots for the control room only.

In addition to what Glenn pointed out, the Control Room can have multiple insert slot locations depending on what you have selected. You can have different inserts on your main outs compared to your headphone outs for example. Make sure you’ve got the right area selected.

I have attached some screen shots, its when I am in the full mixer i.e. pushed F3 they don’t show .

Do the inserts not appear when you click on the grey bar that contains the “Main” title and on off button?

is your control room output called “monitors” ? I think you are using it wrong… if you press the play sign next to monitors will it not show up some inserts for you? you should add control room inserts on this bus. I have never seen seen inserts where your picture show them so i assume they now are on the master out (or main out which yours is called) ?


Did you click to the Monitor tab to open the Inserts in the MixConsole?

Can you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

It works to me here. See attached screenshot, please. From the left side: Control Room window, MixConsole, Project window.

Hi Martin,
thanks for that, spot on. I didn’t know to click the grey bit, all is working now ! :smiley: