Control room inserts

Previously, I inserted Sonarworks Reference 4 and Ocean Way Control Room apps into my control room inserts. Then I bypassed them to export. (Now I know that I don’t need to do this.) So they’re greyed out. But now I can’t delete or activate them. They stay greyed out. So I loaded both plugins again in the control room inserts. How can I get rid of the greyed out ones?


You can drag and drop it out from the Insert slots.

I tried this. Doesn’t work. Can’t budge either of them. Just stays greyed out. I assume the plugins are bypassed, because I’ve loaded new copies in the inserts.
Control room inserts


If you hover over the Insert slot, does the Bypass button appear?

When I hover, I get “(Click to open/close Editor)” – but can do nothing.

Now it just greyed out the second Ocean Way Nashville plugin that I loaded after
2nd grey out
the first greyed out. Can’t load another: I have no control room slots left. Help!


Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

This is how does it look like on my side (see attached screenshot, please), I can see all the controllers, if I hover over the Insert slot.

Screenshot 2021-06-26 at 09.11.12

So I started Cubase in safe mode. The two plugins in question, Sonarworks Reference 4 and Ocean Way Nashville, now show up in blue (rather than grey) in the control room inserts, but still nothing happens when you click on them. They remain frozen.



Do you have " Constrain Delay Compensation" enabled?

You can try to reconnect your outputs in control room setup - output.
Try to delete all current outputs and reconnect them, insert the plugins and save the preset for future use.
It works for me

It wasn’t enabled. But then I turned it on and off…and problem solved! The inserts are alive and functioning. Thanks a bunch. I’m thinking that next time I have any kind of Cubase snafu, I’ll head right to Constrain Delay Compensation and flip it on and off.

Yes! I knew it!

They should call it “Constrain Problem Compensation”! Glad that was the culprit!

Hi everybody,
I had the same exact problem that Greg had while building a personal template in C11, so activating-deactivating the constray delay compensation button worked; but can anyone explain why? I can’t understand… :thinking:
@Greg_McCarty what do you mean with ‘snafu’?
Thank you,

SNAFU = “situation normal, all $%^& up”

I just had the same “control room inserts grayed out” problem. And again rectified it by enabling and then immediately disabling “Constrain Delay Compensation.” Is this a bug?

Did you update Sonarworks again , i had the same issue and i found that if i updated Sonarworks while in the control room Inserts then this behaviour happens

Good suggestion. But my problem was solved with turning Constrain Delay Compensation on and off. Simple!
A couple weeks back, I upgraded to Reference ID (for headphones, as before). It was on sale, so what the heck!

That’s precisely what i’m talking about , turning the DC on and off , and it just so happens you up dated Sw’s …


I had the same problem just now and I searched the forum (didn’t remember I had the issue again in the past…) but I was using stock plugins… Solved with the usual workaround activating/deactivating CDC…

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