Control room keeps dropping out

I have set up Control Room in Cubase 11. However, when booting up a project Control Room sometimes becomes untethered and drops the output connections. I though it was a permanent setup until you change it yourself?

yes it’s ‘global’

maybe the projects have outputs that are assigned to the ones used by the control room, so it disconnects them when that project loads ?

maybe try “Exclusive Device Ports for Monitor Channels” …

(just guessing here !)

So it doesn’t override? I will check.


post back if it fixes it…

Where would I find this. I have been searching without much luck.

in preferences > VST > control room I think

I sent you the link to the manual page in the previous post

Sorry. However the manual did not give a location.

Actually the clue was in save as a preset. I think that might have worked. Time will tell.

Thanks for the heads up

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it does ? - look at the right hand side - the contents list:

–VST Control Room (cubase pro only)

it’s hightlighted in red (at least on ‘chrome’ it is) ?

I am obviously a bit dim. I am afraid when I was reading it I could not see the top or the bottom of the page. Anyway it was already ticked when I looked. It seems that this issue is mainly apparent when opening tracks that have not used Control room.

Thank you for your patience.

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Yes, I was clutching at straws :smiley:

I wondered if the project you loaded had the same outputs as the control room and the project ‘overrides’ that …turning the preference off should allow sharing ports…although I don’t see how that can happen on an output…but hey.

The only time I’ve had control room I/O issues is when I’ve had a crash on exit - this means changes to the control room were not saved, including I/O changes - but I’m sure this isn’t the issue you’re having.

You are right I have used the same outputs and thought the Control Room would override. I will try reloading the old tracks that I have altered and if there are no issues I will just assume that it is a onetime thing for each older project.

I have been teaming up with a friend to explore new aspects of Cubase we haven’t tried and have gone on an enormous learning experience. Next is VCA Tracks.

might be it ? And I’d assume the Control Room would override but who knows…

and yes - there’s always so much in cubase to learn :smiley: