Control Room Level vs export level

I am experiencing a very odd thing using the control room feature in cubase 9.5 pro.

I have my main monitors left and right coming off a couple balanced line-outs of my interface. I have those assigned in the Control Room tab in “Audio Connection”

Everything is fine and I can hear the stereo bus fine and everything. Here’s my issue;
control room level 0db.PNG
At 0db, with the master fader at 0db the monitors sound very full, the volume great, and my mix sounds great as well. No plugins or processing enabled on the main stereo bus.

When I export, I seem to lose all of that extra life and gain. So i started comparing exports across another monitor channel.
control room level -18db.PNG
With the control room level at -18db I noticed that the export volume was identical when I compared both an exported file and the project mix playing side by side.

To elaborate more; exported wave or mp3 playing via media player WMP at 100% volume vs cubase project running mix with master fader @ 0 db and control room level knob at -18db.

Does anyone know more about this? I can not find anything on this subject.

Most likely you have a difference in levels vs the windows system volume slider, vs what Cubase is sending out ASIO at 0db. That’s a pretty hot level you’re using.

Have you got your stereo outs set to ‘not connected’’?


stereo out is “not connected”

control room activated

I have 8 outputs on the back of a US16x08. channels (Balanced) 7 and 8 are connected as monitor and then connected to an active set of edirols.

Just to make sure you understand, the Control Room monitor level isn’t the Master Output for mixdown. Those are two different paths.

I understand the control room volume is independent of the master output. What I do not understand, is why does the “control room” level knob have so much gain that it overdrives my monitors at 0db. There is a reference level button beside the volume knob in the MAIN
, which by default is at -20db. (to my ears, when I mix down a project and compare it, it seems that -18db is more equivalent in volume)

Is that the same as 0db on the master output level? I can’t find anything in documentation that explains it.

Also, since we’re here… SIDE NOTE!!!

Here is a routing diagram of my interface

Can anyone tell me…??? Channel 1 and 2 have a potentiometer for level control. The manual for the unit states to connect that to your main montiors for mixing. I am using active monitors which have their own driver and thus independent volume knobs for up to 2 inputs.

Would those channels (1 and 2) be best used for passive monitors? This is my best guess as to why the unit is wired in such a way.

So, I have those monitors connected to channel 7 and 8 on the output of the interface, so to avoid having two volume knobs.

Here’s a video of what I am talking about

there is a part 1 and 2

1.Windows Media Player does not use the same Audio driver as Cubase. And then in windows there is also a basic mixer in between - what´s the volume there?
2.A computer onboard soundcard usually has less output than a Pro audio interface balanced line output. What sensitivity do the inputs on the Edirols have?

svennilenni, watch the you tube video if you’re so inclined. Thanks for your input!

The PC is set to 100% on media player and the mixer (windows) is at max as well. Watch the video though (2 parts), hopefully that will explain the situation a little better than what I am describing in text.

I did watch the 2 videos.
So once again What is the input sensitivity of the Edirols for the input of the US 1608 Signal and for the input of the Windows soundcard signal?
Is the Tascam DSP mixer configured correctly?

Looked it up myself
Tascam US 1608 Nominal output level: +4 dBu (max output level +24 dBu)
Edirol MA 10 D Nominal Input level for all inputs: -10 dBu (could not find anything about max input levels though)
And certainly your computer soundcard has something in the -10dBV area or less.

svennilenni, Im sorry – I wasn’t picking up on what you were asking.

But ok… I am with you now (Kinda) What does it mean? Is the +4db output level from the Tascam the reason why the monitor level is so hot?

svennilenni, Im sorry – I wasn’t picking up on what you were asking.

But ok… I am with you now (Kinda) What does it mean? Is the +4db output level from the Tascam the reason why the monitor level is so hot?

It means that the output of the Tascam is 14 dB above the what the Edirols would “expect”(kind of), which comes at least close to the 18 dB you are seeing.

My god man. Thank you for explaining that to me!

I think I understand now.

You are welcome.

To be precise, the difference between -10dBv and +14dBu is 11.8 dB (in short - logarithmic math and two different reference values between Dbu and dBv).

Anyway, great help from svennilenni, and what a forum should be about :slight_smile:

Yes, but the Edirol manual states -10 dBu not -10dBV, so that is a 14 dB difference - also in logarithmic math.

So Edirol have no clue then, he he… All good :slight_smile: