Control Room/Master Meter tab in project window Right Zone

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This is so obvious, and would be amazing.

Exactly like how the Right Zone in the MixConsole window gives you the Control Room/Master Meter panel, PLEASE add that tab to the project window. Then between that and the Lower Zone mixer, I would never need to open the MixConsole. We need a master meter visible in the project window now that Cubase is going in the direction of a single-window style.

Until then, this is what I have to do, and it’s annoying:

Great idea. Plus another tabs please: PLUGINS and POOL. You can drag’n’drop plugins and files of course.


And add the option of hiding/restoring the Control Room/Meter panel via the Project window’s Window Layout button just as it is in the MixConsole’s Window Layout button.

And while it might make sense to integrate the Control Room/Meter panel into the Racks panel (when both are enabled), I would rather the two panels remain separated, appearing side-by-side, because the two generally require very different widths.

For the record, this is useful for multi-monitor setups too. I use three ultra-widescreen monitors with Project window at center, MixConsole at right, and the various editors (e.g., Key Editor, Drum Editor) at left. It’s an ideal arrangement, except that it puts the Control Room/Meter panel way off to the right. It’s a bit awkward having such critical controls as monitoring volume and monitor A/B switching at the far edges of the workspace. I’m getting whiplash. :wink: Either way, I may resort to mapping those controls to a hardware controller (if possible - I haven’t researched it yet) anyways. Just FYI.

Thank you for your consideration.





The control room exclusion from the zones is really not excusable. It appears that even the Steinberg team themselves don’t have a clear understanding of the importance of the control room is to a proper studio workflow. Somewhat ironically it is the one window I have open all the time to adjust monitor levels, change monitors, mono/stereo switch and view proper metering. If you notice in all the Cubase 9 video’s there isn’t any screenshot of the control room. It’s like they have forgotten it. The VST/Media Bay zone is the perfect place for the control room. Lets get it done!

+1 drag and drop sections

+1! This would make it much better to use control room on a single monitor

I really like the the project window however,I mainly use Cubase for recording live sound (not VSTi’s) and while I get the importance of the current right zone options I need the Control Room window visible most of the time.
Unfortunately I am constantly still having to use F3 (Mixer view with control room) in my workflow


They added it in 9.5! Woooooooo :mrgreen:

Yeah, this deserves a hearty “thank you” to Steinberg. It’s nice to know our requests are being seen and considered.

Thanks, guys!