Control Room Metronome MIDI CC?


I’m trying to get the Control Room metronome volume to be compatible with my MIDI controller so I can have on-the-fly click volume adjustments. Another fellow Cubase user mentioned that the metronome volume was controlled by MIDI CC on the CC121, so I’m wondering if it is known by anyone what CC and MIDI channel it is (and any other parameters needed)?

If this isn’t possible, can it be a feature request then? That would be very helpful to be able to assign the click to a MIDI CC in the same sense as the Quick Controls (minus having to have that specific object/track selected to work it).


The Metronome can be controlled via MIDI (via the Generic Remote Device), but it is controlling it independent of the Control Room panel.
In the Generic Remote Device, set the desired MIDI Input, then Add a new line in the upper section, set it to the desired MIDI CC# (use the MIDI Learn, if you wish), then in the corresponding line in the lower section, set…
Control Name=[the name you set in the upper section] ___ Device=“Metronome” ___ Channel/Category=“Device” ___Value/Action=“clickLevel” ___ Flags =[leave blank].
Apply :wink:

That worked perferctly! Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a couple months now.

Thanks for the help~

Hmmf, not for me. Does it matter if it’s a MIDI or an Audio click? I’ve tried several combinations of CCs but it’s not working. I know the MIDI is getting there because I can learn the CC.

I would say that you need to set the Flags column in the top panel to Receive, so it has ‘R,’ in it. Otherwise the midi is not received and it does nothing.

Question - Does anyone know what volume control this adjusts - i.e. where can I see the graphics knob or fader moving? It’s not the one in the Control Room panel nor the level controls in the Metronome dialog. Any ideas?