Control Room metronome. Why does Main Metronome affect Cue metronome??

Hello experts,

I’m fiddling with the Control Room’s metronomes. I noticed that if I activate the one to the left of the red level knob (Main Section), this sums another metronome signal that sounds the same on all Cues. This is unwanted behavior. My question is:

How can I activate the metronome only on the engineer’s station without it invading the cue mixes?

Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. On Cue 1, metronome is panned 100% R
  2. On Cue 2, metronome is panned 100% L
  3. On Main section, metronome is panned center

When I activate the metronome on the Main section of Control Room, something strange happens. The main metronome’s signal sounds centered in both cues, along with the specific Cue’s metronome (which is panned hard right for Cue 1 and hard left for cue 2).

Do you see my predicament?
Why am I getting this behavior?


It works to me here as expected.

Cue 1 Metronome is panned hard L, Main Metronome is panned to the C. It doesn’t matter, if I set the source of Cue 1 to Mix or Cue Send, in both cases the result is the same.

When I activate/deactivate/re-activate Metronome in the Main section of Control Room, the Cue 1 Pan stays panned hard L.

Could you maybe provide a screen video capture, please?

With so little info we only can guess…
Some routing in your soundcard mixer might be wrong…