Control Room Monitor Selection not working

I am trying to set up what I thought was going to be a very simple situation but have been unable to do so.

Hardware Presonus 1824c
1 Pair Main Monitors
1 single Mono monitor

I have 1 Stereo buss under Audio “Outputs” – not connected

Then in Control Room
1 Stereo Out - Main Mix - Outputs 1 and 2 from Presonus
1 Mono out to a single speaker - Output 8 from Presonus.

Monitors A and B are selectable in Control Room.

The problem is All Three speakers play no matter what I select. A or B same thing.

It gets even stranger though.

If I pull the cable from Output 8 and plug it into Output 5 or any other for that matter… without changing a thing in Cubase or even stopping playback… That speaker will continue to play.

It seems as though simply sees all my outputs and plays them if a hardware output is enabled. If I switch it to ‘not connected’, it does what is expected and stops playing.

I have watched videos, read the manual, and I am at a loss as to what to do next.

I would appreciate any help possible.

Tom B

Could you post some screenshots so we can see your Audio Connections.

Also while I don’t know your Presonus Audio Interface I wonder if it might have a Mixer/Routing application that could do this - like RME TotalMix which I’m using.

I would look at your audio interface’s mixer app. I’d place a small bet that the routing in there is the culprit. I’m an RME user and I could create the same problem in TotalMix with a couple of mouse clicks.

Thanks guys, Yes, I think you are right. There is a mixer app that I have never used. I was able to to go through and mute some items.

I need to get the manual and see if I can figure out what’s going on. Still it seems odd that an out of the box settings that Cubase would not switch properly.

Even if the mixer is sending out on all outputs you would think that when I select OUT 8 in Cubase that it would know to only play Out 8 and not also Outs 1 and 2 as well.

This mixer is nowhere near what TotalMix is. It has a bypass button but when I do that I loose my single speaker mono monitor. It still sends the main mix though.

I’ll try to post some screen shots but as I mentioned above it’s very simple.
----- Line Out 1 -------------- not connected
----- Line Out 2 -------------- not connected

----- Line Out 1 ----------- PreSonus 1L ----- Main Speaker L
----- Line Out 2 ----------- Presonus 2R ---- Main Speaker R
----- Line Out 8 ----------- Presonus 8 ----- Aux Speaker Mono

I’ll try to post some

If the forum won’t let you post a pic yet, try “reading” a bunch of different post which will boost your privileges.

Cubase doesn’t know anything about how the Audio Interface might be routing the signal after Cubase passes it on.

Take a look at around pg 15 in the manual

I’ve read that manual. It’s very basic mixer. Also by default it is setup with 4 Stereo mixes. All identical to Main 1-2 mix. So all outputs are sending audio to speakers.

What I don’t get is that in Control Room if I have monitor A selected then all speakers play. If I select B all speakers play.

Oh and I forgot to add. Not sure if this means anything or not but if I create a 3rd monitor C and do not assign any outputs, then all goes silent when C is selected. That is actually what I expect.

Selecting A or B though and all 3 speakers play. Latest drivers and firmware on Presonus.

Is it in the Personas software? I remember having a similar issue, and fixing it there. I don’t have the 1824 any more and deleted the control for it recently, or I would go look, but this sounds similar to what I experienced with it.

I had cue out on 3/4 and7,8 as sends with 7,8 as returns from those sends. and something very similar happened, there was a setting in Universal Control that was the default and I had to change it. Sorry, but check the manual for Universal Control, is the best I can do.

There is very little that can be done in the UC software. I’ve tried everything I know to try.

I did notice that when I select A or B the sound is different
A= Stereo
B = Mono

So I think Cubase is changing something but I either get All 3 speakers or I can adjust things in the app and get one or the other.

That sounds familiar. You can use Universal Control without the DAW as just a mixer. It had something to do with that, everything was being sent to the Main Out monitors, not just what was on 1/2, as if it were in Mixer mode.

I think this was it. I had to Enable Mixer Bypass

Mixer Bypass. Bypasses UC Surface mixer and routing. While Mixer Bypass is
active, your Studio-series interface will function as a simple I/O device for your
DAW. When the mixer is bypassed, you must route audio to the desired output
using its dedicated playback stream both for system playback (if desired) and
DAW playback.

I finally got it… I tried mixer bypass several times to no avail.

What I had to do was…
Go to Mix 1-2 and MUTE output 8
Go to Mix 7-8 and Mute output 1-2

Now when I go to Cubase Control Room and switch from A to B the correct speakers are selected.

Holy cow, that took me most of the day. I had forgotten the interface even came with a mixer. Had never used it.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Tom B.

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I’m glad you got it working. I think maybe you should give the manual another pass when you have some time. I think raino was pointing in the right direction so props to raino!

Even though it works now, if I remember correctly, you can get a lot more out of the 1824 if you get the situation there squared away. I think something is still off there.

I have the UR now. It finally showed up, and I have the big rig back, in working order, almost… Like you, I spent the day, and still am, upgrading all the software that went out of date while I have been traveling with the laptop rig.

I just want to get back to the music, but it’s going to be hours more IT work. So… right there with you today.

Edit: One might thing, and though it would be understandable, it would also be incorrect, that I receive royalties every time the Oxford Comma is used. LOL

I may check the Presonus forums, but there really isn’t much to that software that I can see… for this interface anyway.

I also have an old Digiface and TotalMix – - now that is whole different world.

Yes, thanks to raino and The_Elf for suggesting the interface mixer. I would have sworn it was something in Cubase I was missing.

Ok, I found the real problem and solution.

  1. I’m an idiot — that’s the problem.

  2. When routing a signal to Output 8 do not plug cable into Output 7 — That’s the very important part A of the solution.

  3. In settings for the UC Software un-check the default “run at startup” option.

oqion, I’m pretty sure that is the setting that you must have turned off also. The UC software is simply not needed.