Control Room / Monitoring Real Time Exports

I know this has been asked a million times, and I thought I had it worked out. I have control room enabled, and it feeds my stereo monitors. Yet I don’t hear audio on real time export.

The only info I can find on this is that the “control room must be configured correctly.” Well, I think it’s correct, but I guess maybe it’s not?!?! What are some of the “gotchas” I might be running into here?

Why can so many people on this forums not just write what they have done, instead of letting everyone guess and ask…? wait I know - so much more comfortable… :unamused:

What do you need to know exactly? Here are screen shots of what my setup is at the moment.

As I said - the only info I can find is that to hear audio during export, control room must be enabled. It’s enabled…I’m not really sure what else to even check.

Preferences “Preview through phones channel” activated?

Hmm wasn’t aware of that preference. Tried it. Now I hear the click while exporting but nothing else.

I don’t have a headphones bus setup in Cubase because I use TotalMix FX for that routing.

It should be deactivated.
Volume fader up in export window?
Control room outs (monitors) connected?

Thanks for helping me through this man. So no I never see that output fader during the real time export process (real time export HAS worked successfully in the past, so I know what it’s supposed to look like).

I’m not sure what you mean by if my control room outs are connected - I define my Analog Out 1-2 as my main control room outs in the audio connections window, and my monitors are physically connected to Analog 1 and 2. Is there another step?

So…anyone else have any ideas? Is anyone able to monitoring exports in real time in 9.5? Or am I encountering a bug of some kind?

Total mix routing is correct?
No problem here with monitoring realtime export.

How are the audio connections set up in the Output tab ?
Make sure that you don’t have Analog Out 1-2 set up there.

There is definitely nothing selected in the Output tab of Studio Connections; Analog 1-2 are only selected as the Control Room Outputs.

Couple other discoveries - if I select a real time bounce and only bounce the stereo out bus in the project, I hear the real time export (but I don’t get that volume fader). However if I select multiple channels (for a batch export) I hear nothing. Is real time monitoring not supported for channel batch exports?

Control room usually monitors the Stereo out. So if you export a source before the stereo out, there is nothing to be monitored.
Theoretically switching on “Listen” on the tracks you want to batch export, should make them available for monitoring, since “Listen” also uses the control room output. As I said - theoretically - you´ll have to try. And depending on the “Listen” setting, it might not be the Signal mix that the tracks actually have.

I’m Still on 9- but this is the behavior I get…and actually the behavior I expect.

I get normal audio monitoring (with the audition level slider) during real-time export of my Main Mix via the control room.

When doing Channel Batch Export- I hear nothing. Which is what I would expect… because I am exporting multiple files… which one would it audition?

As an experiment, I tried clicking the monitor button… but nada.

Now, GPnicolett- are you saying you hear nothing during real-time export of your main mixdown? Or is this issue isolated to Channel Batch Export?

It was related to Batch Export. Odd, I really thought we used to be able to monitor that. I don’t see why it wouldn’t still just monitor the main outputs, soloing the channels being exported. Oh well! Thanks for the help everyone!