Control Room - Multiple Listenback Channels

Hi all,

I would like to be able to set up multiple Listenback channels in the control room (one would be great already but in a multi-room studio…)

I don’t understand why we have multiple Talkback channels available but no Listenback channels !

I have two Control Rooms at the studio but 4 and sometimes 5 booths !

I know I could setup multiple Talkback channels for that purpose but I’d have to do all recording sessions with headphones on and I don’t do that !

I’d like the Listenback channels to be routed to the speakers in the control room (the Talkback channels can’t be routed to Speakers of course for acoustic feedback purposes)

And I would like options to auto-turn on/off the listenback channels like we have preference for the Talkback function (auto-disable in play and record ie)

Maybe i’m missing something but how do you guys do in the real world of a studio for listening to multiple booths with one click or even better without any clicking ?

Best Regards