Control Room no sound only in monitor

Hi there.

Does anyone have the same issue ? Suddenly without any reason Cubase (10.5) stopped producing sound. After some research I noticed, that Cubase isn’t feeding the Control room Monitor section. I deleted the monitor bus and created and rooted again several times, but nothing changed. Changed the driver, usb device, whatever, without any change. What is strange, that when I create headphone feed or cue send, it’s working properly. Only Monitor cue is silent. (see the picture). I have no idea, what’s going on. I can create a cue send a route it to physical output, then I hear the sound, but it’s not the way I was used to. Can anyone help ? Thanks a lot

The only thing I can think of is that in your Control room window “Cue 1” is on yet Cue 1 in Audio Connections has no outputs - I think you have to route Cue 1 to your OUT 1 & 2 - then in the CR section of the mixer you can assign where that flows to, i.e. speakers, headphones, etc. I would give that a try.

This is a great cubase youtube ch with a control room tutorial.

Thanks, The routing of the cues doesn’t affect this behaviour. However, the problem is solved. One of the plugins inserted on main monitor section run out of subscription licence and become completly silent, what cause the silence in the rest of the chain. What is strange, because it was silent even in bypass mode.