Control Room no sound only in monitor

Hi there.

Does anyone have the same issue ? Suddenly without any reason Cubase (10.5) stopped producing sound. After some research I noticed, that Cubase isn’t feeding the Control room Monitor section. I deleted the monitor bus and created and rooted again several times, but nothing changed. Changed the driver, usb device, whatever, without any change. What is strange, that when I create headphone feed or cue send, it’s working properly. Only Monitor cue is silent. (see the picture). I have no idea, what’s going on. I can create a cue send a route it to physical output, then I hear the sound, but it’s not the way I was used to. Can anyone help ? Thanks a lot

The only thing I can think of is that in your Control room window “Cue 1” is on yet Cue 1 in Audio Connections has no outputs - I think you have to route Cue 1 to your OUT 1 & 2 - then in the CR section of the mixer you can assign where that flows to, i.e. speakers, headphones, etc. I would give that a try.

This is a great cubase youtube ch with a control room tutorial.