Control room not saving my inserts and settings

Just opened my project,and my inserts in the control room are gone,yet I saved the project
Thought that once their set up,I don’t have to go back to the control room,unless I need to
Any ideas?Going to keep testing as well

Hi @Ambientdave

Control Room should save your settings. When I launch Cubase, my Control Room settings are always the same as the last time I quit Cubase. The only time my Control Room settings are not saved is after a Cubase crash. In this case, the Control Room settings go back to the settings I had the last time Cubase quit without crashing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Dave

Control room settings aren’t saved in a project , they are global.

They are ‘supposed’ to save when you exit…but if there is a crash or hang then the settings don’t get saved.

Sometimes you get a crash on exit and don’t notice

(and Sam beat me to it :slight_smile: )

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Yeah its a weird one,no crashes so far.
I opened an empty project and my control room,the settings are ok,as in cue sends,but my inserts such as Nectar 3 and Restream have gone

Are you on windows ?

Yes Windows 10 64bit Pro

in that case look in the windows event log (the application log) if there is a crash you’ll probably see it there, even if you don’t see it ‘in real life’ - it may even tell you what caused the crash.

Going to keep testing not had any crashes so far

ok - but if you find you’ve lost your control room settings then 99.99999% you’ve had a (quiet) crash - look in your Application Event Log after that.

OK thanks will do
Would it worth it,to re install a fresh copy.Did see an error in the Application Event log

what was the error ?

and, no, don’t reinstall .

Yeah it was an error,but could not make out what it was.Just said application error Cubase
Not much experience with this stuff

if you scroll down you might see what it crashed in - post it here if you like ?

but that’s why your control room doesn’t save…because it doesn’t exit cleanly.

A really dirty workaround is to boot cubase - set the control room up and quit…hopefully it won’t crash and you’ll get a ‘saved’ control room…but that’s just ignoring the real problem

I save the work and exit correctly suing the menu and selecting Close
Not closing with the x on the window
Not had this happen before, as in upgrading to Cubase 11
Will work on it ,see what I can find

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Have you tried yet to move your Cubase user preferences file to another folder (for safe keeping)?

That forces Cubase to make a clean new one.

I’m suggesting this, as once in a while (typically a few years apart) I’ve run into weird corruptions of the Cubase Preferences file - with various weird symptoms - from crashing to extremely sluggish Cubase startup.

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Thank you, Nico5
will look into this