Control room question

I have a quick, probably easy question to answer, but was just looking for some clarity of the benefits of the control room feature. Ive read the manual and watched a few videos on setting up but to me it seems like its main use is when you are recording singers, live bands, using extra monitors or when you want to communicate with people in another room. I use cubase for edm, so I mainly use vst’s and my 3 external synths that I currently have set up with “external instrument”. When I use my synths (rack versions) I set up an audio track, choose which input I want to use, then set up a midi channel with that synth . So, I guess my question is, are there any benefits in using control room that Im not getting currently. Hope the way i explained it makes sense for what Im asking. Thanks in advance and I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question!


Another useful feature it offers is the ability to switch monitors with just one click for A/B comparisons.

While mixing if you are using any kind of compression or other mastering tools on the stereo buss it is nice to control the studio volume in the control room without changing the stereo buss level. In fact it means that you can just leave the stereo buss at 0db and forget it and focus on getting the individual channel mix corrrect. It also means that if you have a powered set of monitors and no monitor amp you don’t have to adjust volume on your outboard gear. You just use the volume level in the control room. At this point I don’t know what I’d do without it and one of the nice things about owning the full version of Cubase (as I had LE versions in the past). Also really easy to setup in the VST Connections. Just remember to turn off your “outputs” and instead setup your stereo output channels from the control room tab. Hope this all makes sense.