Control Room, Room Correction and Mastering Software

I am not sure this is the correct place to ask this but can anyone tell me how you are running control room with room correction and mastering software? I am using Roomworks on the monitors in Control Room - SO it is not affecting the main stereo outs in Cubase (the source, I assume, for my mixdowns). However, if I were to use a mastering software, wouldn’t I put that on the master outputs in Cubase? So I guess my question is, how do I monitor the mastering software with the room correction on the monitors? Is everyone just using busses and then switching over to the Main Outs when the track is completed to satisfaction?

Good question. To be honest, I do most of my mastering in WaveLab…

Reverb and creative effects should not be placed on the monitor outs! You can either create an FX bus to send to, or you can place the reverb on the main out bus. You want these effects to print to your output wave file.

As for Room Correction plugins…

The most logical place in the Control Room to place room correction plug-ins would be as a monitor insert. The inserts tab is at the bottom of the control room window. This limits the room correction effect to just the monitors and nothing else - which is what you want. You do not want room correction applied (printed) to any resulting wave file output!

In WaveLab - I use my room correction software as a “playback” effect. Playback effects there are automatically bypassed when rendering to a file.

Same as the mix without mastering software. It’s like SuperG wrote, you want the mastering processing on your master, and you use your master a the source for monitoring, and you have your monitoring correction plugins in that monitoring chain in Control Room.