Control room routing

Hi :smiley:
So I would like to record my Cubase antics using OBS Studio,I have the audio all set up in OBS .And would like to know if its possible to have a cue mix for my microphone and one for the main track ?
I have the control room on,and can hear through my headphones,no problem.
But I can’t figure out the routing for these cue mixes, inside the control room.
My current set up is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd generation.Monitoring through my headphones.
As my place is so small,I have no room for monitors,he,he
Any advice would be appreciated

I think of a cue mix as going out to different outputs (i.e. vocal cue mix to the headphones, main mix to monitors).

But you only have the stereo pair (2 mono outs) on a 2i2, so not sure how you would achieve that.

Are you, perhaps wanting to have a different mix in your headphones when recording vocals perhaps? i.e. so you can switch to a vocal record mode mix during record, and back again for playback?

You may find that mix console snapshots may achieve that. But you’d have to manage it manually. Or you can create send busses before the main out and send from each track to a Vocal Mix and Main Mix bus which you can solo between.

Hello again :smiley:
Basically I want to monitor myself through my headphones,instead of through OBS,
As I have been getting a doubling effect ,if thats a way to describe it
Would like to lower my mic volume,but have the track in Cubase playing a bit louder.

Ok, so is your voice doubled on the broadcast going out too? It’s possible you have the mic coming through to OBS and Cubase at the same time and you just need to mute or disable one of those?

It’s very hard to say without knowing your basic setup, but if you’re putting your voice through Cubase and Cubase is routing back through to OBS, then disable the voice/mic directly in OBS and let Cubase be the mixer.

Then in Cubase use the mixer control for your voice level, also adding limiter/compressor to the voice helps if you’ve not already got one running as it’ll keep your voice more consistent. (Sorry if i’m stating the obvious there).

What are you using to route from Cubase back to OBS?

I’m using Reastream VsT plugin ,on the main output channel.I have muted my mic in OBS, and as you rightly said ,let Cubase be the mixer.
I am using a limiter on the Output channel, and my voice is through Izotope Nectar 3, and using a preset from that (compressor ,limiter,etc)
Probably something I am missing,getting home from work and working on this tired,lol

Yeah, not sure why you’re hearing a doubling effect. Obviously, direct monitoring switch is off on the 2i2?

Also, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to mix your levels if it’s all running via Cubase and Reastream is forwarding from the main output chan.


Thanks again.

Yeah my OBS mic is off,only Cubase coming through,that

I’m not getting any doubling ,and have my direct monitor off in my 2i2.

What I have is a cue mix setup,so I can hear my mix.

Ideally a second cue mix,so I can myself at a different level to the main mix.

If that’s possible,lol.

So you have Cubase > Reastream > OBS, right?
And Reastream is sending music track(s) plus your mic.

But you want to be able to control the levels of the music track(s) and your mic independently within OBS?

If that’s the case, then you would need to use 2 instances of Reastream each on their own group bus for this routing to work. (i.e. Instead of using a single Reastream instance on your main out).

So for example you’d create two group channels (i.e., and send the vocals to Vocal channel, and the rest of the tracks to the Music channel.

[Vocal1] > [Vocal Group]
[Vocal2]> [Vocal Group]

[Drums] > [Music Group]
[Bass] > [Music Group]
[Guitar] > [Music Group]

Then the groups would use a seperate reastream instance
[Vocal Group] > Reastream 1
[Music Group] > Reastream 2

Then in OBS you should be able to pick up Reastream 1 and 2 as seperate entities (Whatever you label them as). You just need to be mindful that anything applied on your main output won’t be sent to OBS as you’re routing the audio out before it goes into that final mix, likewise any new tracks need to be either assigned to Vocal or Music group or else it won’t come through to OBS.

The other option is to use some different virtual cabling to create pseudo outputs so you could use the cue mix option in cubase. But that’s going to change your setup too much i think.


Thanks for your help,again, skijumptoes :grinning:

I would like to control the mic and main mix levels separatly within Cubase.

My OBS Studio,has Cubase going through it.

I’m monitoring my voice through Cubase Control room. Here is my current Control Room setup,not sure if this is correct

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You realise that unless you trigger the reastream plugin from control room, then by adjusting control room volume, you won’t affect the volume going to OBS? Is that causing a confusion perhaps?

Control room sits AFTER the main stereo out.

Other than that, whatever mix you setup in Cubase should be carried through to reastream and into OBS without any issues. i.e. you lower the vocal track volume in Cubase, it carries through to the reastream mixdown.

Edit: Just seen that screenshot pop up, you don’t need any of those entries with ‘Not connected’ displaying, as you only have a single output for your audio interface.

So you can’t make use of the multi-out feature of Control Room ‘unless’ you install some virtual audio cabling software to make it appear that you have more ports - which isn’t a route you need for this.

Yes I can see what your saying .Bascially because I am limited to my outputs,I can’t use cue sends,etc
Or another way make use of the control room properly,unless I buy a upgraded version of my Audio Interface
I opened those entries so you could see,if there was anything obvious I forgot,lol
I have Reastream on my main audio output on the mixer ( as shown by Talkingleaf media) with a limiter

Yes, remember that control room is for monitoring AFTER the main out, so is specifically used in a hardware multi-output setup so that you can output the same audio to different speakers with different calibrations, or different cue mix to different musicians etc. It’s very much a physical output aid.

But you’re doing everything in the box, so you don’t need to use such features. You can use busses and ‘virtual’ audio cables within Cubase if you want to route out audio from application to another.

And as a headphone user you may like to place ‘virtual room’ plugins to the control room to help mix with a simulated room setup via headphones, or apply EQ for monitoring purposes. That would be the main use for Control Room.

Basically anything applied to control room doesn’t affect your project, or is included with the mixdown.

Anyway, i digress… i’m still just not clear on the issues you’re having haha :).

If you change the volume of the vocal mix in Cubase (By that i mean the vocal fader within Cubase’s own mixer), it should do what you want. Also, you mentioned a ‘doubling’ affect at the start of our conversation, is that still occuring?

Ha,ha :smiley:
Really appreciate your time and effort,skijumptoes. I’m old ha,ha and can’t really explain things too well.
Thanks a lot.the doubling effect is not happening now.I thought it would be a shame not to use the Control Room
But I could put my Izotope Neutron 3 on that etc.I guess setting up a bus for my mic I was hoping to control the volume of my microphone within Cubase via a cue mix and have the main mix at a different volume
Yeah I have very little experience ,but thought it would be a hoot ,to record my antic in OBS and show to my friends
I shall take on board your advice,and shall experiment :grin:

You can do that via the groups within Cubase that i explained earlier. As you’re just creating cue/sub mixes inside Cubase manually. And once setup you’d have a fader for voice, and a fader for main mix.

But, It is hard getting your head around, i do appreciate that. It’s a 2 minute job once you know what you’re doing, however. lol

Are you thinking about live streaming with OBS or just recording? It’s just that if you were live streaming i could jump on and help you out in realtime as i see you’re same timezone as me.

Hi bud
Thanks very much ,really appreciate your help
I had a good think what you said about the Control Room,while in the supermarket,just a while ago.What you said makes perfect sense.
I the fact I am limited to my use of the Control Room, with my curretn A.I,(unless I have a bigger A.I with loads of in and out 's and a big band,ha,ha,and a big old credit card,lol)
But from my point of view ,I am trying to keep things simple.
But as you rightly said create groups inside Cubase. That’s a great way to go,
I would love to use Cue mixes .I did all this back in Cubase 9.5 but can’t remember how :laughing:
With OBS I tend to record my stuff and put it onto my Youtube channel,maybe streaming one day,bit camera shy at the minute,ha,ha