Control room settings not keeping status


I have the Cue1 source button in the control room panel always set to “mix” (yellow). The Control room source button is always set to “Cue” (blue). I always save with these settings. After re-start of Cubase these two buttons have always forgotten their saved settings, Cue 1 being set to “Cues” (blue) and Control room being set to “mix” (yellow). Is there a way to have these buttons keep their saved settings?

I’ve had this problem also with versions as far as I remember.

Any info appreciated, thank you.

Cubase 7.5 / Intel Quadcore / Win 7 64 bit / 8 Gig memory / Echo Layla 3G /

Probably because Cubase has the tendency to soft crash upon closing a project. So it cannot save CR state.

VERY annoying.

If you are able to open an easy project, set up CR, save, close (without crash), reopen, maybe you create the proper CR state, so that if it crashes, it will default to proper saved state. Just a thought.

Do you have any UAD? What plugin if any do you have on CR?

Thanks for the reply. I have stuff from Native Instruments, Rob Papen, Garritan, Voxengo, Waves, Music Lab, Toontrack, iZotope… No UAD, but I do have TC Powercore Firewire & PCI (Classic). I’ve had some problems with the Powercores (e.g Powercore plugins not initializing while loading, or distorted sound initially), but the Powercores always start to work ok after re-booting. There has also been quite a lot of crashing when quitting Cubase, never found out why…

To test the theory of the Powercores making the status problem: I disabled the Powercores (from the Windows control panel) and created a very simple project, set the Control room buttons as I wanted and saved. Exited the program (no crashing) and then reloaded the project. The Control room settings were not recalled… so maybe the problem is somewhere else then.

Any other suggestions?


This is currently not implemented. CR settings are always resettled default values on project load.


I remember CR settings saved/recalled with the project in v6? Not sure, though. However, according to Helge Vogt, this is not a bug but a feature request.

It’s these small things like these, which discourage me using cubase. Every time I load a project I need minutes to adjust things manually first… :frowning:

This is a feature?! They really should make a preference setting for this: “Save CR settings with the project”. Bummer, really. Thanks for the info, no use searching for a solution then…

Sorry for the misunderstanding (or maybe lumping issues).

I was referring to items loaded into CR insert slots.
However, please add thread to feature request, for saving CR state. I agree too.

Up until 7.05 I believe it was, CR settings were recalled - particularly which panels were open. I’m not sure if these were saved globally or in the Project .

It’s funny how these ‘feature requests’ that nobody seems to remember ever being an issue find their way into Cubase, yet features that have been requested over and over with each new version seem to be ignored.

Who in their right mind (except perhaps an anticubase jerk) would suggest a feature like this - “Please don’t save CR settings.”? What kind of decision maker at Steinberg would think “oh yes this would be a great feature” and approve it?
No, I refuse to believe this is the result of a feature request, it’s an error in the programming.

The whole F4 routings seem a bit unsure to me of late.

I would like to have a global setting as I use the same hardware for every project as I presume most people do.

However I’ve a feeling things are perhaps saved on a project basis, not sure though as I’ve had some projects come backup with my external hardware not routed.


Agreed. I keep the same external hardware patched, why is there no way to save a preset like the control room? Cubase occasionally forgets my patches and its a pain to reconnect everything.