Control Room top and bottom inserts signal flow? Metric AB and Sonarworks Reference 4 inserts

I have a Monitor A with Sonarworks Reference 4 and a Monitor B with no EQ. I want to use Metric AB switch and the meters with both. I don’t want the Sonarworks EQ to affect Metric AB or the metering or other possible metering.

I’m in the process of setting it up. Does the signal flow go through the bottom inserts below control room level control before the top inserts like Monitor A and Monitor B? Or basically what is the Control room top and bottom signal flow?

Monitor A: for now I put Matric AB in Monitor A insert 1 and Sonarworks in insert 2.
Monitor B: I put Matric AB in Monitor B insert 1.
If Bottom inserts are before Monitors I would think I would only need one instance of the Matric AB and meters and put it in the bottom section below control room level control.
Also noticed Monitor inserts are all pre fader, Cues, talkback, and bottom of control room are 1-6 pre and 7 & 8 post.
Can someone explain the signal flow and the best way to set this up.
Thank you