Control Room volume Affects Meter Levels

Hi Guys,

How do we change global listening volume in Cubase without affecting the meters? Doing this in Control Room seem to affect the meters.

What meters exactly?

This knob

… does not affect these meters:

Master & Loudness


It does affect supervision meters @mlib

The volume on the reference does not affect the the meter levels.

The last two slots for effects on the Main Control Room section are post fader. There is no green seperation line as on a regular channel but if you hover the mouse over an empty slot it displays whetehr this slot is pre or post.

Maybe you didn’t understand the signal flow in the control room?
It depends on where you insert Super Vision.

Cue mixes are not the entire control room, btw.

I see that, Thanks!

The visual appearance of the control room suggests otherwise!


We told you more than once, the last two slots are post fader.


Why you are getting so emotional? You need some fresh air.
I said the visual apperance of the control room isn’t very clear or straight forward. I hope this is now easier for you to understand of what I said.

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Control Room volume Affects Meter Levels

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