Control Room - Volume control, mapped to a midi controller

Hi Guys. I have a spare Midi Controller with four Level (Volume) knobs. Is there any option, how to map those midi knobs to the control room (volume controls)? :open_mouth:

Thx a lot, Petr.

If there is not that option, to asign it to the midi controller, is there any other chance, how to control it (not by the mouse)? Key Commands are also not working as I understand.

Hi you,

yes you can control a lot of the control room parameters via external controller. In order to do that you will have to setup a generic remote and assign your volume knobs to the control room volume controls.

HTH, Ernst

Yes I know this option, I forgot to say, that there is everything posible, but not to control the volume. I can create command on generic remote (under devices setup) … and if I go to my command, there is everything… mute unmute, select monitor etc… but not the option to change volume by a volume (level) knob (0-127 midi data)

oh… I found that right now under another item in GenericRemote setup… … I have it… so it is possible. Thx!!! :wink:)))

btw… Control Room levels (also headphones) could be driven up to +6db, but is it possible to set it to zero db (0) as the maximum level? Simply, that it will stop at zero on the dial knob highest volume?
thx a lot.