Control Room Volume --> X-Touch (Mackie Control Protocol)


as from the title…
tell me if it’s possible…

… or if there’s a trick!



I’m afraid the Control Room controls are not accessible via Mackie Control protocol.

For this purpose I use a dedicated only-one-knob midi. It’s easy to set in Cubase and I find that a dedicated knob away from the main midi control is no problem for me.

A knob of another Generic MIDI Controller? Side by side with X-touch?

I don’t use an X-Touch, but how hard is it to swap between MCU and Generic/User modes? I seem to recall that it can only be done on restart? If not, you’d be able to swap to user mode and assign a control that way via generic editor.

Yes, the MC / HUI / … protocol change is only possible by switching the device off and on again with the key combinations.

It’s only inconvenient for the Control Room … maybe another Generic MIDI Controller better.

It would be much better if they updated the Mackie Protocol !!!

All it needs is an option to change the 9th/master fader to control room volume. I never touch the master fader unless I’m creating a manual master fade out. But even then i clean that up with automation points after I’ve drafted it out by hand.

It’s been asked for years and years, so i highly doubt they’ll ever add such common sense! :slight_smile:

You can setup a virtual MIDI port and branch off control into it’s own port and feed it back into the generic editor and map to volume - but it’s just a pain to manage, and you need to have midi pipe and transforming software running every time you open up Cubase.