Control Room Window: keep tabs open?

Is there a way to keep the tabs open in the Control Room Window?

Every time I open my Control Room Window, all the tabs (which I previously opened) are closed…….I tried to save the window (with the tabs open) in a workspace, and I even saved it as a preset in the Studio-tab of the Connections-Window, but my Nuendo keeps on closing all the tabs.

Is there a way to save the tabs’ open/closed-state?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

I can’t agree more with you gentlemen, when one opens the control room window, one does do that with the intention to quickly view the state of all his control room outputs, or to view the meters immediately…………….I can’t see why a software designer thinks it’s efficient to build an interface where one constantly needs to click windows open in order to see his overview…………I think Steinberg must be overthinking a re-design as-we-speak ……

Thanks !
Niek/ Amsterdam

Wanted and requested by Cubase users too…

Though, very little activity seen of late from our SB friends on the forum (Collected Issues or Feature Requests pages), so no idea whether anything is really getting noted/acknowledged/logged/forwarded/discussed…

The control room seems counterintuitive in many ways but the new mixer is definitely faster for me. Also 4 sends is really not enough. I haven’t even bothered trying it because there aren’t enough sends.


I included the mixer only because someone in an earlier post had lumped it in with the control room and I wanted to make it clear that this thread was about the control room.