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Hey everybody,

Bought a Behringer audio interface, MIDI keyboards and headphones
(went with some equipment for the first time), and I have no idea how to set it up.
I connected headphones > Behringer > with my laptop, MIDI as well (no MIDI input and output jack in the keyboards so I had to plug them in the laptop) and I’m getting no sound.
Fairly new to the Cubase (how to set things up is all greek to me); When I try to play a VSTi, meters in the bottom right corner are all going up, which I think means that the drivers are all right (and that some things are working), but I’m not sure how to get the sound through the headphones.
I’m using Elements 9.5

If anyone can help, I’d be forever grateful, I really need get down to work. :smiley:

Have you selected the Behringer ASIO drivers (maybe it’s ASIO4all depending on the interface) in Cubase device setup?
Also take a look in Cubase VST connections to check the Behringer outs are assigned to your stereo output.

I take it you tried triggering the vsti from the onscreen keyboard too??..if this works already audio is not the issue and we’ll take a look at midi setup.

In my version it’s Studio Setup > VST Audio System (if I’m in the correct submenu); It also says UMC Asio Driver (As in UMC404HD)
As far as the VST Connections go it says Out1 and Out2, nothing else, so I’m not sure if there’s an issue with the outputs). Under Audio Device it say’s UMC ASIO Driver.
When I play my keyboards, MIDI meter and AUDIO meter go up (bottom right corner). When I play on-screen keyboard only AUDIO meter goes up (logically) :smiley:
Could it be the Behringer driver? I really can’t see what else?

Is the mix knob on the Behri turned to PB?

No, not on default. Should I do it?
I’ve tried playing with ASIO4ALL but I’m still not using the Behringer, I’ve got both of 'em on, and can’t get Behringer to work alone.
I have feeling it’s the outputs, but I can’t put my finger on it. -.-

I don’t understand your answer. how is that knob on the Behringer set? If it’s set to input you won’t hear anything.

And what do you mean by you’ve got both of 'em on…both of what?

Okay, I’ll try turning it to PB.
Both ASIO4All and Behringer. There’s an option to turn them on when you install the driver for ASIO4All.

That’s it, got it to work. Thanks a ton!
Still new a rookie with all of this equipment, had no idea it was that! xD

Thanks again!

Useful information in this thread :slight_smile:

Glad i didnt have to create my own thread…