Control show/hide staves on specific pages?


You know how in a score, when the number of staves is not the same on the right and left pages, it is customary to show on both pages the sum of all staves present in both pages in order to avoid staff jumps (very annoying to conductors).
Anyway, that’s what the house rules of my publisher requests…

I have been making corrections on a large old score using Dorico instead of the original Finale version but now I’m stuck with this issue and I don’t know how to resolve it.

What would be the best way to address this at the moment ?

Thanks for your kind help.

All the best
Yan Maresz

As of Dorico 3.5 there’s Manual Staff Visibility functionality. You can either add a system/frame break and then double click it (or select it and hit Enter), or you can go Edit > Staff > Manual Staff Visibility and Dorico will add a System Break for you and show the dialog.

The only thing to watch out for is that (by design) if you set a player to “Hide”, it will hide right up until you insert another Manual Staff Visibility change that tells it to “Show” or “Reset”, even if the staves contain notes.

See Hiding/Showing staves from system/frame breaks for more details.

Also, there are settings in Layout Options for controlling whether Dorico hides empty staves by default, or shows them all.

Good point. I should clarify that the “Reset” option within Manual Staff Visibility resets to whatever is set in Layout Options.

Thanks, that will do !
Didn’t read the manual enough…

Sorry about that.


After working with the Manual Staff Visibility functionality, I must confess that I would love to see an automated version of what I’m doing by hand.

“Sum” facing pages staves show on both pages (and update !) and align them.
That’s an official feature request I guess.


Yes, I agree that this would be a useful feature for the software to have in a future version.


Dorico can hide every empty system/stave (for selected instruments) automatically. If you want some staves hidden, but not all, then you have to tell Dorico which ones.

That’s what we have now. What is it you want on top of this?

Automatically “sum” facing pages staves show on both pages (and update !) and align them.

Great !
thanks Daniel