Control specific channel(s) with midi remote

I think it would be very useful to “hard-code” mapping to specific channel(s). Like in generic remote.

We use the left/right mixer zones to make sure that certain channels are easily available regardless of what’s shown in the middle mixer zone. So maybe it would be useful to be able to map “left/right mixer bank”.


You can control the specific Channel slot via MIDI Remote, same as it is in the Generic Remote.

Can’t find that functionality in the mapping GUI - do I need to code it?

Or maybe my issue wasn’t clear. So here’s an example:
One of my most common actions is to manage the Lead bus (where my annoying demo vocals reside). So I would like a mapping page where the controls always are directed to that (and a few more) channels, regardless of selected channel and mixer bank.


Yes, you can definitely code it. In the Mapping Assistant, there is the MixConsole > Mixer Bank Zone (if you use them in the script). I have no device without Mixer Bank Zones in the script available right now. Could you attach a screenshot, what you can see in the MixConsole section in the Function Browser, please.

Your use case is clear. If your demo-Lead bus would sit always at the same channel slot then this is manageable (definitely by scripting).

For some reason reason Snipping tool has decided to give up so here’s a phone photo :man_facepalming: .

I can’t find any way to make a specific channel constantly addressed. I tried the “Selected” function but that just makes the control jump around to another channel with a logic I don’t understand.

Do you know if the intended functionality is documented anywhere? I can’t find it.



On the upper screenshot, you assigned the selected Quick Control, not the Selected track. If you want to assign the Selected Track parameter, choose this option in the root of the tree. But this doesn’t meet your needs, as far as I understood.

I would go this way:

  • Place your demo-Lead to the 1st channel.
  • Use the MixConsole > Mixer Bank Zone > Volume

The expectation is, you won’t switch the Bank Zones anyway, because you don’t want to control the Mixer by other controls. So it would always stay at Mixer Bank Zone 1 and the 1st channel is the demo-Lead.

A bit late response, but anyway.

Obviously, I didn’t make myself clear.

  • I don’t want my lead bus (or any other of the tracks I want to control specifically) as track 1. I want my buses in the same project folder as the bussed tracks
  • I certainly want to move mixer zone around, not keep it at the start of the mixer

So I want what I wrote: to address a specific channel. It’s a feature request similar to what others have mentioned.

But just to be clear: midi remote has lots of merit already, as is!

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The ability to map controls to a specific plugin on the “selected channel” is something I’ve done for a long time with generic remote but I do not see that functionality in the new midi remote mapping. For example; I always put the Slate VMR on insert 4 and regardless of which channel I have selected my Midi Fighter Twister will always control the EQ I have set up in slot C of VMR. If I’m missing how to do this with the new midi remote mapping I would love to know.

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