Control Spitfire and Cubase transport With TouchOSC


I would like to add Cubase Transport control to my Spitfire Audio template on Touch OSC.

I have set up a Generic Remote for Cubase. For the Spitfire banks I have set it up directly inside Kontakt.

Problem is when I activate the Cycle button (for instance) on Touch OSC, it will activate or deactivate Cycle but it will also move a Spitfire mic in Kontakt.

Here is the settings in Touch OSC:
Channel 1 - Controller 23 for the mic
Channel 2- Controller 23 for the Cycle button

Screenshot for the Spitfire mic settings:

Actually, the mic will always move even if I choose Channel 3 or 4 for the Cycle button.

Is the Kontakt assignation take all the MIDI channels ?

Touch OSC is absolutely priceless to control banks like Spitfire Audio ones and add the Cubase Transport buttons would be great! So, if some users can bring ideas, I would be more than happy.


Yes Kontakt will see Notes on both Channels. If you are using Pro (not sure about Artist) you can use the Input Transformer filter it out if needed.

Can you post a screenshot of your Kontakt Track and include its Inspector showing the Track’s MIDI Settings.

Hi raino. Thanks for your reply.

This is Cubase Pro 11.
Not sure what you mean exactly by the Track’s MIDI settings but here is a screenshot

Thanks. I think it will probably work if you take the Channel setting in the Inspector and change if from “1” to “Any.” When it is set to “Any” the Track will send a Note to the VSTi on whatever Channel is used in the Note-on MIDI Message. But if you set this to a specific MIDI Channel like 1 then it will take all the incoming MIDI Messages on whatever Channels (1, 2, 8…) and convert them ALL to be on Channel 1. So when you sent cc23 on Channel 2 it became cc23 on Channel 1 when it got to Kontakt.

It’s confusing because it seems like that setting should control what Channel the VSTi is listening to, when instead it controls what is getting sent to the VSTi.

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I have just switched from “1” to “Any” and it works!
Indeed, it’s a bit confusing. Many hours spent on this and you just solved it.

A massive thanks to you raino!
And thanks for the explanation too.

Take care

It drove me crazy for awhile too.