Control surface for INPUT rather than output or mixing

Hi folks,
I have been using Cubase for years and have an X-touch control surface on the output and all works well - currently working on 10.5 Pro
What I want to do is add a Korg NanoControl to simply control the Input channels. All i need is the level and Mute / unmute button, but I can;t get it to recognise.
Has ANYONE got a simple way of connecting this via USB, to get rid of teh need to mess with teh mouse just to unmute an input channel?

Thanks in advance



Use the Generic Remote Device. Here you can define, which Channel will be controlled.

One tip: The Generic Remote assignment is based on the Fader slot. That means, even though you assign Stereo In to the controller, in fact you assign Fader Slot Nr. X. So if the count of the tracks changes in your project, you start to control different fader.

Therefore I recommend to click the W (Write Enable) button in the MixConsole on the Stereo In Channel. This shows the Input channel in the Input/Output Channels folder in the Project window. Thanks to the fact, this folder is on top of the track list (by default), your Stereo In Chanel moves on the top of the list. Then the count of ztracks in the project doesn’t affect the assignment in the Generic Remote Device, because the Input Channels get top IDs (like 1, 2, or so) and the other common tracks are behind.


I have two other controllers running channels 1 to 16 for recording, so I don’t want those to be affected by the input channel controller… I guess making sure I have 8 input channels should make sure that doesn’t happen.

Life is never QUITE as straight forward as I would like.