Control Synth Preset Changes with Program Change?

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to automate preset changes within a synth with Program Changes.

is there a way to do this?



There is a command Next Preset. You can trigger it from the Generic Remote Device. Would this help? Or do you need to load a dedicated preset with the exact Program Change number?

Thanks for asking this, I was just saying that there has to be a better way than splitting my playing to a different track every time I want to make it trigger a different patch on my synth (jazz piano, Wurli, etc). At one point I thought I knew how to do that.

Have you found an answer? I know there’s a function to add in a MIDI CC channel a “Program Change” Which should* let you change loaded voices based on what bank and channel is selected; however, I still do not know how to do this reliably.