Control tempo through a control surface?

I have been missing the “transport->tempo” variable in the Generic Remote for a while now (a couple of versions back when it somehow “disappeared” without trace).

However, I am wondering if there is now a new / better way to control the tempo in real-time through a control surface, perhaps a new feature that I’ve missed? Maybe a way to control the tempo track through an assigned control?

Any pointers would be appreciated!



Oh, this topic again? Please search this forum.

No, this is not possible (and actually doesn’t make much sense). Record your MIDI material freely (without Metronome/Click) and use the Tempo Detection function afterwords.

Well, there are use-cases where the tempo needs to be adjusted (after the fact). Yes the tempo track allows automation, but HOW can I write that automation through my Mackie HUI compatible surface? I don’t want to STOP and edit the automation line.

I hope this makes sense.