control the automation with touch


i wanted some thing that i could control the automation with touch.
for eg if i need to do the automation i need to use the mouse and click on pencil or the tools.
as these days every thing is touch based, is there some device / software that i can use with cubase.


You just need a compatible touch screen monitor.

thanks for the quick response enjneer. you’ve been a great help to many. thanks

Thanks Rita!

In the meantime, you could always use Cubase IC Pro on an iOS or Android device. It’s a remote control, but it’s limited mostly to fader/pan and keyboard commands.

I use Apple’s Magic Trackpad cos it feels more like touch. Maybe look at that?

I have a touchscreen monitor (Windows 8.1), and don’t use it for Cubase. The program is not really designed to take advantage of touch. I use a trackpad (I haven’t used a mouse in about fifteen years), and I can’t really see how touch would be an advantage.

It’s great to use touch to speed up things I don’t do too often in a session, such as opening programs, but it wouldn’t be ergonomic as a core part of my workflow.

The most obvious reason to use a touchscreen for cubase is as a second monitor with the mixer permanently attached to this touchscreen; This gives you a quite nice and direct access to the cubase mixer. (especially the faders)
But indeed, don’t throw you mouse away yet, because a program like cubase is packed with little buttons that can be accessed more conveniently with a mouse.
Another good use is for live-tweaking of certain vst’s. But again, it depends on the GUI if something is touchscreen friendly or not.

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Soon D-Touch for Cubase…Multitouch for Cubase…

My buddy got his son a Dell with a touch screen. I installed Cubase on it and gave it a shot. It certainly was fiddly, and unusable in some ways (grabbing tiny Inspector controls or some plugins), but, for playing with faders, or even automation curves, it was a blast. The best thing about it, that makes it so useable, in my opinion, is that it’s on a stand that allows it to almost lay flat. So I could use it in front of me, like a mixing desk!

It was functional enough that I’d certainly get one. But, it’s $500. I’ve got better things to buy first. Also, there’ll be more dedicated solutions soon, like Slate Raven.