Control the transport functions in WL8

In WL7 I could set the MIDI control for the transport functions in the main menu. Now in WL8 the I found that I can make these settings with a little button in the toolbar, where the transport functions buttons are. But there aren’t all transport functions listed there. I miss “Stop”, “Fast Forward” and “Rewind”. Do I oversee something or are they missing?

Look in Options > Remote device.

I found it. Thank you!

Did I miss something? Is it out yet?

For some apparently…

I use an old Tascam us 428 with Cubase 6.5.4 and Wavelab 7.2.1 .
In Cubase the jogwheel is recognized and works normally. Not so in Wavelab.
I tried to activate the “jog mode” but with no luck.
Can you help me, please ?