Control track volume with external Roli LightPad Block


Can I control my Cubasis tracks volume (and/or Mute) with an external Roli LightPad Block?

I succeeded playing notes on unmuted Cubasis tracks with the LightPad (MIDI on/off messages with velocity), but it seems that external MIDI cc commands are ignored by Cubasis. Is that true?

I know this functionality has been on waiting list for some years now, but I am confused with the statement below in MIDI.ORG. Does that only mean that Cubasis can send cc’s to external devices (or AU’s), or it means that it can receive them as well?
Cubasis 2.6 adds new MIDI features/Roli Blocks integration

" MIDI CC support for compatible Audio Unit effect plug-ins*
Easily remote control your favorite compatible Audio Unit effect plug-ins via external controllers. No matter if you’re moving effect knobs via MIDI Learn or switching presets via program change — if your Audio Unit effects plug-in supports it, it can be done in Cubasis with great ease.
*Requires iOS 11 "


Hi Joaquim,

Thank you for your message.

Please find the information about the available MIDI CC parameters in the Cubasis in-app help.

Here you can find the chapter in the online version of our help:

Hope that helps!


Thanks Lars for your quick reply.

When you point me just to the midi editor I interpret that you are telling me as reply:

No, Cubasis does not accept cc7 commands from external h/w to vary the volume of a track. Cubasis can only accept volume control (graphs or faders) if written/operated on the screen, but never externally from a midi controller. This control can affect both: as Velocity parameter on the midi editor or as track Volume in Automation. But the screen is the only input device.

Am I correct with these conclusions?