Control volume level with key commands?

Is there a way to control master volume level (Control room) with key commands? i.e. increase/decrease by 2 db or whatever?


Just “dim” I think.

Unfortunately not. I Already asked for that some years ago.

But if you’re on Windows you could create a Autohokey script, which would increase/decrease the control room level by automating mousemove+wheelup/down. The control room right zone would have to be visible to do that though.

A better way would be to have AutoHotKey send MIDI via a MIDI loop-back and connect those signals using the MIDI API. Then you don’t have to worry about what is visible or in focus.

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If I have control room in the right zone I can already hover it with mouse wheel or left click and move, wouldn´t be a great improvement the Autohotkey.
I mean a fast and precise way would be with key commands…maybe in Cubase 20…
Thank you guys.

You asked about a key command to increase/decrease the control room volume. This is easily possible with Autohotkey. These volume changes happen in nearly real time if coded correctly (a couple of milliseconds, it will feel like immediately, its not that you will see the mouse coursor move over the screen or something like that).

You can create a macro, which moves the mouse automatically to the control room knob and performs a “WheelDown” and assign that to i.e. F3, and another Macro with “WheelUp” on F4 and then you can basically control the volume by hitting F3/F4.

This would be a “fast and precise” way, you just have to let the right zone open for it to work.

Now @mlindeb also suggested a way to solve this with AHK/MIDI and no open right zone, but I can’t help you there as I never worked with the MIDI API.


I tested AHK.
The right zone Control room wouldn´t be a problem as I can add as the first script step to open CR and close it at the end. The problem is that to execute this simple command (moving the mouse and moving the volume wheel) it takes about 2-3 seconds, if I need to execute it 3 times to reach the desired volume we are talking about 7 to 10 seconds…it´s not worth it at all.