[Control Z],[Go to 0 marker]&[record] with 1 button?

Hi everybody. I just would like to know if it’s possible to carry out a series of steps with just one key on my keyboard in Cubase. When I’m working with Cubase I find myself forever pressing control z, going back to the 0 marker (where I started recording from) and start recording again. I wonder if I can put all these actions in just one key on my keyboard, it will save me a hell of a lot of time and make me a really happy person!
I know that in Cubase you have the option of starting recording again if you get it wrong, you just have to press the R button again and it starts but sometimes you need to pause and think before you start recording again and if you press stop when you get the recording wrong, you can no longer use that facility.

For years and years I’ve dreamt of a magic button like that! :smiley:


Read up on Macros in the OpManual. :slight_smile: