Controller for Cubase control room

I am looking for recommendations for controlling the Controlroom in Cubase 9.5. My current setup is a Yamaha DM2000 for a controller. I was taking the control room mix and sending it to one of the digital 2 track returns then using the control room monitor section for talkback, speaker selection and car volume. I have started using Sonar works for room EQ so I have the measured curves loaded on inserts on the different monitors setup in cubase control room. The DM2000 can switch the speakers via user defined buttons but I cant get something to map to the CR volume in cubase.

Is there a way to map a knob on the DM2000 to the CR Vol in Cubase or is there another controller that maps to that control. If there was a usb knob controller that i could map to Cubase CR volume that is probably all I need as the DM2000 can handle the switches for talkback, dim and speaker switching. Thanks for any thought on this you may have


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I’m pretty sure the only access to the control room volume is by adding a generic remote and doing controller mapping through that. A lot of the CR functions (toggles/selects) can be done through quick controls. But the volume is only available via generic remote configuration as far as I know.

The artist transport does volume and source

this is correct.

Yes, that’s what I use and it’s perfect for the job. You can also switch between your different monitors, and control most of the buttons in Control Room. e.g. Talkback, Click on/off etc.

I seem to remember this unit is discontinued but I I’m sure you can pick one up used without too many issues as the build quality is pretty good.

Thanks for the responses.