controller for Cubase pro 8

Does anyone know if Steinberg have any plans for a new surface controller for cubase pro 8?

Aloha M,

Considering the fact that it is now Yamaha/Steinberg, I would imagine that ‘the powers that be’
would prefer you to get a ‘Nuage’ machine.

I have read somewhere on this forum that it works well with C8P.

Good Luck!

Since buying the 5 figure Nuage is so far from being a possibility for most people, I can recommend one of the Nektar Panorama series, as it has deep Cubase integration, and the motorised fader on the keyboard versions is great. I use it non stop.

How much is Nuage? It looks amazing but I’m guessing its around £50k for the whole thing?

I would love it but I could not afford something like that. A cut down, modular mini Nuage for Project studios, priced between £1k - £3k would be much more reasonable. Say £1k per module. Just dreaming out loud.

£50k I think I will stick with my mouse and keyboard. Unless you are earning sh1tloads that is insane money.

However, I like the look of the P1.


I own two Euphonix MC Mix (Avid Artist Mix) and i’m totaly satisfied! I don’t use the mouse for mixing anymore, sometimes i even turm my screens off :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers, Tomess

Thanks for the input guys, I’ll check out some of those options.

As I said before curteye… I believe we are all going to be dumped on unless you own a Nuage Console :open_mouth:

In what way?

Have to add a plug for the Mackie Control Universal.

There are quite as few Control Surface Manufacturers who use the protocol - I only have day in day out experience with the latest MCU Pro units . . .

For a quick idea of what you can do check out:

Moving and Touch sensitive faders put it over the P1 and a number of other units for me. Must haves for writing and updating automation (touch mode).

Now . . there are some limitations right now with C8 - mainly the ability to hide channels form the Visibility Tab in the Mix Console - but I am quite certain these will be worked out in the coming maintenance release (this has been stated by Steinberg). I am still on 7.53 exclusively because of this.

I have 24 channels (1 Master Unit and 2 Extenders) for $2500 US.


Nonsense. Like every other bug in version 8, this will get worked out at some point.

Wouldn’t that be like FIAT expecting their customers to buy a Ferrari? :smiley: .

Yup. And it is on the list of fixes for the March update! :smiley:

Serious too!