Controller for Mixing Atmos in mixing theatre

Since the Yamaha Nuage no longer works with Nuendo 13 on the Mac with Silicon, what kind of controller is generally recommended for Nuendo in a mixing theater that can also be used to mix Atmos efficiently?

Hi, it’s apparently still working with Rosetta, even if I did not try it myself:

Please keep us posted.


I would also be interested

What is your definition of a controller more efficient for Atmos? Joysticks for the panners?
You have a few controllers left out there, but it’s difficult to find some that offer more features than AVID’s Eucon-enabled range of hardware (even if you don’t like AVID, you have to admit that they cornered the market with this).
In the efficient-but-not-cost-efficient category: AVID S6 or S4

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Fully operational on M1 studio for 2 years now.
Very stable.
Works like a charm!

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